Monday, November 30, 2009

Keeping Things In Perspective...

Keeping things in perspective is very important, whether it's David Steckel's current goalless stretch or the on-going battle for truth, justice and standings points in the current NHL regular season. I've lived a lot of places in these here United States during my almost 50 years and I've got to say no place I've lived is more reactionary to "emotional mood swings during a season in terms of reactions to their local sports teams and players than the DC Metro. Just today I was talking to someone here in the ICx Corporate office about how when I moved to the DC Metro, my boss's assistant would truly be depressed on a Monday following a Redskin's loss and that amazed me. I mean as far as the NFL goes I've been an Eagles fan my whole life and trust me there were some really lean years for long stretches there - I mean if I was depressed over Eagle game losses there were years upon years when the best we could muster was 8-8. As for MLB and the Phillies, yeah, it's a lot of fun now, but as Billy Crystal would say - "DON"T GET ME STTAARRRT -EED." In any case like the last commenter to this thread says, emailing a team's owner during the middle of a game is just down-right silly. Professional Sports is Entertainment, if it doesn't provide you with enjoyment and diversion from life's real problems then I really think you should find a different hobby ... and as regular readers know I'm as rabid about my sports teams, especially our Washington Capitals as virtually anyone. Though I must admit I don't see myself and Mrs. Mark celebrating our upcoming 25th anniversary by renewing our vows on at Center Ice of Verizon Center - Mrs. Mark just don't play that tune, know what I mean. So folks, as we get ready to tune in to the Caps - Hurricane's game tonight, let's all just keep it in perspective.

Here's a little perspective for you, the NHL Power Rankings for Week 9 were posted over at Red Light District Hockey Blog, despite injuries and some struggles if you are a Washington Capitals fan, "your" team is ranked 6th, up from 7th last week; and don't forget those ranking take into account injured and LTIR players. I did my own rankings based on percentage of points captured vs. points available to date and the Caps came out 5th. Those rankings and their percentage results through the end of last night's games for the top 9 teams in each division are: 1) New Jersey (0.729) 2) San Jose (0.714); 3) Chicago (0.700); 4) Calgary (0.700) 5) WASHINGTON (0.692); 6) Pittsburgh (0.666); 7) Buffalo (0.652); 8) Atlanta (0.630); 9) Ottawa (0.625); 10) Nashville (0.620); 11) Colorado (0.611); 12) Dallas (0.596); 13) Boston (0.594); 14) Los Angeles (0.593); 15) Tampa Bay (0.583); 16) Phoenix (0.574); 17) Philadelphia (0.563); 18) Detroit (0.560). Simple extrapolation for the Caps so far to the end of the season: 0.692 * 164 = 113.4 points - Folks look at that again and realize that last season the San Jose Sharks won the President's Trophy with a total of 117 points and the Boston Bruins won the Eastern Conference with 116 points. Please get a grip, as I've said I know there's a lot to be worried about, but there is also a lot to like about this team. Contrast the things that frustrate you like loosing a two goal lead against Montreal, against the things you should like, such as the never say die, fight to then comeback to tie and then win the Montreal game in the gimmick. If you must start thinking about April things here in the weeks while some focus on those last shopping days before Christmas, ask yourself if the game against Montreal had been a playoff game and gone to a 20 minute 5 on 5 OT period vs the 4 on 4 5 minute OT period who's performance did you like better then the Caps or the Habs? Then if you're still upset, grab a cold one from your fridge return to your seat and like Frankie Goes To Hollywood said - Relax.

On the David Steckel goal scoring slump, again everyone needs to keep it in perspective. Like Ted Leonsis indicates in his blog and Tariq El Bashir does in today's WaPo, Steckel means a lot more to this team then scoring goals. His numbers in the Facdeoff Circle as well as his penalty killing skills mean he''s an important member of the team and hockey is a team sport to be sure. Yes it's frustrating for all of us who like and root for Steckel to see the seeming total lack of any bounce going his way, but fear not, he's getting chances at games I've watched this season alone he's hit the post at least 5 times, and as long as he keeps doing that two things are going to happen, the first already is - the opposition can't score when they don't have the puck and it's being shot towards their net; and the second is those pucks will start to bounce his way and he'll be scoring. In the meantime, once again put on Frankie and Relax.

Okay bey the clock on my PC it's 10 minutes to game time and I want to go see: 1) Jose Theodore get his first shut out of year; 2) Steckel and Ovechkin both have multiple goal nights; and 3) Backstrom dominate the faceoff circle and take every draw from Brind'Amour. My father gave me lots of good advice before he passed away, one piece of it was "Mark, if you are going to dream, dream big. It doesn't cost any more."

Okay now lets all Relax, Rock the Red and use that Zen Master stuff and think:


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