Friday, October 23, 2009

How Can You Help But Root For Things To Work Out For This Guy?

The latest main stream media news re: Michael Nylander from the Grand Rapids Press is found at this link. Hey, I'm a Caps fan and one of the first guys to point out that he doesn't fit in the Caps System these days. I'll also point out that if GMGM offered him the contract he has now tomorrow I'd be really, really disappointed. But I've always pointed out that I think at the time Michael Nylander was brought to DC, I don't think either of those things were even close to true.

Finally, even though I have mentioned this before, I can't help but do it again. If you check out the article and his quotes, you absolutely have to be impressed with the guy's class and demeanor. A total pro, and a nice guy, you have to be rooting for things to work out for him. This is an awkward situation for sure but so far both sides have been pretty classy and things haven't gotten unprofessional or snarky as oft seems to happen.

Hopefully, there is light at the end of this tunnel and it works out for all concerned.

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