Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Atlanta - Probably Won't See Much of Tonight's Hockey Game But ...

Well today it is very likely "the day job" will get in the way of me seeing much of tonight's "Game 3 in Pittsburgh" since my flight back to DC is at 4:20PM and from my window at the hotel it already looks like we'll have thunderstorms later. Travel this time of year is always subject to delays up & down the East Coast and cross country because of storms. On a more sober note, my heart and prayers are with the crew and passengers of that Air France plane that is lost, that doesn't look like it will have any happy endings. Things like that sure keep missing watching a hockey game in perspective pretty easy, eh?

Any regrets I have about missing any of tonight's game will also be shortly overtaken by the fact I really like my "day job" here at ICx Technologies and today we'll be doing a few aspects of it that I also really enjoy as well. My boss and I are here in Atlanta meeting with the folks who lead Surveillance Team and make our integrated platforms (Cerberus(tm) and SkyWatch(tm)) and exploring and planning how we can better help them in their growth and strategic business capture efforts as well as making sure we also better understand their capabilities and business so we can do that effectively. It's a quick trip, basically a day. However, given the fact they are such a great team themselves and they have a lot of targets that are right in the sweet spot of what we do, I know it will be a productive, rewarding and interesting day and that in the end we'll be able to find ways we can help each other and accelerate our mutual effort to grow our business. Not as whimsical or fun as watching a hockey game but a lot more directly related to making sure I keep a roof over my head and also actually fun for me as well.

My prediction for tonight: 4-3 OT win by Penguins. That's my thought, unless Chris Osgood keeps his amazing string of excellent (better than 0.950 SV% games) going. If that happens, the Penguins will not score 4 or more goals in a game and if they don't do that it's hard to see how they win since right now it's hard to see Detroit scoring less than 3 goals a game. And ... once again I hope I'm wrong since when it comes to Pro Hockey Teams, I'm kind of pretty "anti-flightless bird."

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