Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Caps 2 - Flyers 1 (SO) - What A Game!!!!!!!

Well a lot has already been posted today and last evening about last night's game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Washington Capitals at Verizon Center. Probably the best this blogger can add is some basic color commentary. First, what can you say except --- WOW!!! after a game like that? It had everything rivalry, meaning and import to the Eastern Conference standings, and just a whole lot (65+ minutes to be exact) of really solid, good hockey. Oh, and best of all another two point night for the Capitals at 7th and F.

On the rivalry end - how can you beat this - check out the reported, and also verified by this blogger, pictures of injured Flyers star Daniel Briere aka "Peeiere" in the men's room urinals. I can't speak for all of them but the one in the corner between sections 102 and 103 had 'em. Ironic that the number one answer for "Philadelphia is famous for..." was "C) Obnoxious Fans." All that said, there is much talk in the Philadelphia press belittling the 2-1 shootout win in light of the fact it came at the end of a long road trip for the Flyers and they are injury depleted. In response this blogger asks, since when is a lineup with three of seven regular defensemen injured and out of the lineup as well as one of your top five goalscorers considered healthy? Also, there were even more injuries to the Caps on December 20th and no such excuses came from the Caps. Classless moves by the Orange & White started before the game when the Flyers in a show of disrespect took the ice first while the Mites on Ice were putting their flags out and readying the arena to Rock the Red. That that lack of respect continued to silly, baseless comments by some Flyers about fictional knee on knee hits and turning legitimate open ice hits into trying to take Jeff Carter out, shouldn't be surprising. Having been at the game - I'd just like to pass this message out to Scott Hartnell, candidate-NOT for the Lady Bing - "Nice total face grab on Semin in the third period Scott, glad to see he put you on your rump shortly thereafter..."

Hey Caps fans - what can you say about Jose Theodore's play last night. It was truly another exciting goalies duel at the VC - Martin Biron let in literally only one more that JT60. That was a cool thing about last night's game. As was chronicled here earlier this week, last night was one of those rare non-shutout games (less than 9 in 100) where the team that got two points at the end of the night, scored less than two goals in regulation. Also to make it even rarer, every player on both teams finished +/- 0 since both goals in regulation were power play tallies.

Nice shootout goal by Viktor Kozlov, nice quick power play goal in the first by Nicklas Backstrom. Two points is tow points and 18-1-1 is 18-1-1 as is a seven (7) game winning streak. Next up Columbus Blue Jackets at the Verizon Center on Friday Night.

LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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