Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Does Middle Age Mean We Care Less or More About Living

Yesterday, we, my wife and I, came out of our front door together to go out and noticed that once again that time of year had come where Japanese Beetles swarm over a neat weeping cherry tree we have and try to devour every leaf on it as fast as they can. My wife Cindy and I both really like this particular tree. It's really the only "specimen" planting we have and besides looking really cool, it really fits the location we have it in and it anchors the one landscaping item/garden we both feel is "complete" after just 5 years in our home. However until this year, in all the prior five years, when the beetles arrive a debate has started. I have always lobbied for the use of strong pesticides to ward off the beetles since the end of our first year when the beetles almost killed the tree. Cindy, on the other hand, up to this year, has been steadfast in her opposition to the use and dissemination of chemicals of this nature anywhere near our home. (The weeping cherry tree is all of 3 feet from our front door.) In the end, in prior years, I've either prevailed , or surreptitiously sprayed the tree before the beetles defoliated the entire tree. However, yesterday Cindy preceded me out the door, looked over at the tree noted the swarming beetles, and when we got in the car said: "Don't we have more of that spray to keep those beetles away?"

I replied yes and upon our return to the house about an hour later promptly sprayed the tree. I mean why ask what was really on my mind which was something along the lines of: "Why the sudden change of attitude?" However, after 20+ years of wedded bliss, I've learned something so I guess I'm not entirely stupid.

As I sit her recalling the whole series of events though I'm really starting to wonder what they all mean. Does it mean we're getting older and don't care that we might inhale some bad chemicals that could harm us - you know the "It's been a great life, who cares?" Or, does it all mean that we cherish every day of life so much we want to drink it all in, including a view of this really lovely specimen planting, each and every day. You know that whole "When alive, live" kind of thing.

Who knows the real answer, I certainly don't and why over analyze all this sort of stuff when work at ICx Technologies is going fast and furious and the Caps still have eight free agents to deal with/sign before July 1st? Is it just me or do you too really love the music on the NHL Network's NHL "Live Every Shift" commercial, I like the video clips of Ovechkin and Joe Thorton best how about you? Can't wait till next season - LETS GO CAPS!!!!

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