Saturday, March 29, 2008

Way To Go Caps - Caps 3 - Panthers 0; Huet Shutout; Great Road Trip

Well I've been swamped finishing out a big proposal that hits a submission deadline Monday so I haven't seen any of the last 3 games. However, I just wrapped up work for today and looked at the Game Summary - "most excellent, dudes!" Huet - 32 Saves; Save % 100%; Ovechkin Goal Number 62; Green goal Number 18; Poti - 2 Assists...and the hits just keep coming. Now if Tamp Bay just keeps it up and vanquishes those pesky Hurricanes, our Caps will be able to tie it up for the Southeast Division lead on Tuesday, here at Verizon Center. LETS GO CAPS!!!!

Sorry for the brevity and the intermittent posts this past week but I haven't gotten home before 10PM all week and tonight is no different.

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