Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Grandkids Will Probably See Ovie Play As A Cap - YESSSSS!

Okay I won't go too long or hard on this since everybody in the sports world will be talking about it for some time to come - first Thank YOU! Ted and Lincoln Holdings - Ovie's 13 year contract is the signal we all were looking for (at least me, here in Bristow). Please renew my seats in Section 103 (the corner the Caps shoot at) for next year. Also many thanks for this one - the Backstrom signed Jersey WILL be proudly displayed in my office right next to the Jersey that Johnnie and Olie signed for me at the STH party last year - that's a "way cool gift for us season ticket holders - can't wait till it comes in! Maybe for next year's STH gift, I was think now since I plan on having it there a lot for sometime to come, would you consider sending someone over to get a mold on my butt to personalize the cushion - it would probably make the experience at the VC even better though I'm not sure, Thank You! Again - I'm pretty tickled with this Ovie signing and babbling as you can tell. My only son is just 17 and will graduate high school this fall, but in earlier posts I indicated it was my hope that my grandchildren when I had them, got to see Alex Ovechkin play as a Washington Capital; this contract makes that a distinct possibility - as Napoleon Dynamite would say - YESSSSSSSS.

Also thanks to the Caps and the Coaching Staff for the last 6 weeks - hope the karma continues - we could actually make the playoffs if it does. Since the coaching change the Caps are 12-6-0-4 and have captured 28 points our of a possible 40 (playing 0.700 hockey). Even better they are 5-1-0-1 versus Southeast Division opponents. Prior to the coaching change they had scored more than three (3) goals in only 3 games and allowed more than 3 in 8 of their contests. Since the coaching change they have scored more than 3 goals in 7 games and allowed more than three goals in eight (8) games including 3 wins, NY Rangers on December 12 (Caps won 5-4), Ottawa Senators on 12/29 (Caps won 8-6); Montreal Canadiens on 1/5 (Caps won 5-4). On 2other of those 8 occasions the Caps came away with a point and a one goal overtime loss: league leading Detroit in Joe Lois Arena on 12/17 (Red Wings 5 Caps 4 in a shootout loss), Penguins in Pittsburgh on 12/27 (PIT 4, Caps 3 in an OT loss).

This isn't the same team to watch it's a lot more fun and it's not just because they are winning; it's because they are playing with confidence and a lot of cool things to watch are going on. Last night, Donald Brashear scored his third goal of the year and Matt Bradley got 2/3rd of the way to a Gordie Howe hat trick (he had the fight - a pretty good one, and the assist, all he needed was the goal to "Cap" it off and he tried to get it too.) Jeff Schultz wasn't Jeff "The Anvil" Schultz; he's been playing a different more physical game since Thanksgiving; last night Schultz had 1 hit in the stats, and he also worked the corners with confidence and man-handled a couple of the Avs out of the low slot. At the end of the third, as has been well reported elsewhere by now it was Caps 2 - Avalanche 1 and my buddy Bob who came to the game with me (his first in over 20 years) thought it was a blast to watch. I have no doubt Bob would gladly come with me again and I'd love to have him.

Unfortunately, my tickets to the Flyers game will be used by others (good Hockey Fan kind of guys though) as I have to go to San Diego on ICx Technologies business with a Sunday afternoon flight for an early meeting Monday Morning. But for the Senators game on Tuesday the 15th I'll be there with a posse of 9 of my college classmates (USMMA Class of 1982) - thanks for ticket exchange nights Ted! That should be a blast. All the Caps - Senators games so far this season have been awesome to watch and I expect this one will be the same. LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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